French Translations

Ce Genre des Petites Choses

Claire Keegan’s new story, by the original title of Small Things Like These, is being published in French by Sabine Wespieser and will be available in bookshops from 5 November 2020. Click here for more details.

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À Travers les Champs Bleus

The French edition of Claire’s short story collection Walk the Blue Fields was translated by Jacqueline Odin and published in October 2012. Click here for more details.

Les Trois Lumières

Claire’s award-winning story Foster was published in French under the title Les Trois Lumières (the three lights) in April 2011. Click here for more details.


Sabine Wespieser Éditeur published Claire Keegan’s short story collection Antarctica in 2010 under the title L’Antarctique, with a translation by Jacqueline Odin. For more details, click here.