Waiting for the Bullet by Madeleine D’Arcy

Congratulations to Madeleine on the publication of her collection!

Madeleine D’Arcy’s début short story collection, Waiting For The Bullet (Doire Press, 2014), won the Edge Hill Readers’ Choice Prize 2015 (UK).
Her second short story collection is scheduled for publication in 2021. 

About Waiting for the Bullet:

Madeleine D’Arcy’s stories are funny and wry and pulsate with all the mad rude energies of life itself but often there is an undercurrent of darkness or sadness just beneath the surface and this is what deepens and gives real weight to the work. A very accomplished collection. Kevin Barry

Madeleine D’Arcy’s stories simply sizzle with wit and hilarity. But between the many laugh-out-loud moments, there’s a poignant undertow that will break your heart. Mary Morrissy

I greatly enjoyed Madeleine D’Arcy’s supple and finely worked short stories, for their skilfulness, their sense of organisation and their quiet intelligence. Most of all, I liked the delicate transmission that these are stories: records of the exceptional, with something to say. Joseph O’Connor